Instructions for attendees

In-person attendees

The onsite registration will start at 2 PM, September 10, 2023. The conference room is "Kiri-Tubo (桐壺の間)" on 3rd floor on Seifuso. All events except banquet and excursion will take place on this room. When you visit this room first, you can get your nametag on the registration desk. You can get your certificate and receipt on MyPage.

The floor of the conference room is "Tatami". So, you should turn off your shoes when you go into the room. You can sit on a chair during this conference except poster session. Wi-Fi is available, but electric supply service is not available.

Online attendees

You can attend this conference using Zoom except onsite poster session, reception, banquet and excursion. The Zoom information has been shared on MyPage.