Conference Venue



  • Echizen Railway: Seifuso stands by Awara Yunomachi Station, 5 minutes walk.
  • JR: You can reach Seifuso in 15 minutes by taxi from JR Awara Onsen Station.
  • Car: You can use the free parking lot.

Perfume of hot water and the inn where four seasons are felt. Men's "the octagonal seat bath" and 3rd new public bath where ladies' "the flower viewing bath" and gas spring in first Awara Onsen were introduced and a natural stone and a Japanese cypress were used abundantly "hot water of a wooden leaking positive" will complete the pottery bathroom and the Japanese cypress bathroom where Onsen can be enjoyed at a source run sink in autumn in 2018 including a footbath "Ayumi Ayumi Ayumi" in a hot spring village of the wind which made the garden Rotenburo (outdoor bath) of the Hokuriku area maximum level Maine "Juraku", and such as installing the silk bath in the female public bath where redesign has been finished "Mr. flower", I'm preparing the bath full of individuality. In the Rotenburo (outdoor bath) I enter while feeling taste in four seasons, various, Seifu-so is presented best luxury.